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Growing up in Ottumwa, Iowa, one of my elementary school teachers did a unit on novel writing. She instructed us to write a book, complete with a cover and author bio—all on penmanship paper (you remember the cream-colored sheets with the wide lines, don’t you?). We were assigned to do a single story, but I couldn’t settle on just one and turned in a dozen. From then on, I was hooked on coming up with book ideas.

I spent the next forty years trying to find time to sit down and write my first real novel. I graduated with a BA in Communication from The University of Iowa, got married, had three kids, was divorced and remarried, enjoyed a career in healthcare fundraising, attended every extracurricular activity my kids were in, and sent them off to college. Once my schedule freed up, I opened my computer and started writing.

I left my day job in 2020, and that’s when I really got busy becoming an author. I took a novel writing class as part of The University of Iowa’s Endless Summer Writing Program. I started watching webinars and participating in Zoom calls offered by writers I admire. Research, writing, and editing became daily rituals for me, and I loved it.

When I decided to launch Giving Up Grace in 2022, I had no idea how exciting it would be. I’ve learned so much, met new friends, and had a blast making my dream come true. I expected to sell some books and get busy writing another one, but what I couldn’t have imagined was how readers would receive Giving Up Grace. I'm grateful to those who have reached out and shared their love for the characters and the story. Thank you!

My next book is ready to go, and The First Summer will launch on 7-11-23. Both of my books are available exclusively on Amazon. I'd love it if you'd buy, read, review, and share my books with your friends and family. 

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About The First Summer

When Meg Parsons discovers her husband's online dating profile, she realizes her comfortable but stagnant existence is over. Paralyzed by the daunting task of determining what to do with the rest of her life, she returns to a place of familiarity and reevaluates her priorities. A beachside cottage provides the ideal setting for Meg to get a fresh start, but the first thing she has to figure out is who she's become during the years of her failed marriage.

Her summer rental is nestled between the homes of a perfect-looking family and an eccentric octogenarian, but it doesn't take long for Meg to learn that appearances aren't what they seem. She hesitates to trust her own judgment after the divorce, but a new friend's sage advice helps Meg realize she deserves happiness. When a surprise visit from her ex-husband threatens to ruin everything, Meg has to discern if an unexpected romance is more than a rebound. Her future hangs in the balance as she decides whether to follow her heart or let others determine her destiny.

About Giving Up Grace

Dr. Cassidy Garrett has spent nearly two decades creating a perfect life for herself. A handsome husband, beautiful home, and successful career are her rewards for years of hard work and dedication. But, things aren’t as idyllic as they seem, and Cassie’s world starts to unravel after a betrayal changes everything.

An unexpected return to her hometown reveals secrets that still lurk from her past which force Cassie to reconcile the girl she used to be with the woman she’s become.

Will Cassie be able to come to terms with the choices she’s made and allow herself to find happiness and love in the very place she’s been trying to avoid?